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What is tubular gate Mandurah designed for? There are number of great applications for this style of fence, and it is often used as a pool fence. At Maximum Fencing, we provide secure pool fencing options to clients right across Australia. Our tubular pool fences are fully compliant with local laws to make sure your pool yard is as safe as possible. You don’t need to worry about gaps between pickets or gates that won’t latch – our professional team can talk you through your pool fencing requirements and ensure your pool area meets all the necessary safety standards.

Here at Maximum Fencing we manufacture our tubular gate Mandurah in various heights, colours and styles to suit your particular application.We can provide the right tubular solution to suit your project budget and environment. Deciding between Aluminium and Steel is an important choice, and whilst the price is comparable, there are very different properties to each. Aluminium tubular fencing and gates are lighter, where steel is more robust. Steel will eventually corrode over time unless specifically coated, where Aluminium is rust resistant. One of our fencing experts can help you discover the best choice for you.

Benefits of Tubular Fencing
Some of the benefits of tubular fencing:

  • Sturdy type of fence
  • They are low maintenance
  • Variety of design options
  • Installed in various sizes
  • Various types available

Sturdiness – Also known as tube steel fences, tubular fencing has specialized coating of zinc, or they are galvanized, which makes them weatherproof. Specially coated tubular fencing will last for many years and will not weaken or deteriorate over time as other types of fencing materials.

Low maintenance – A zinc or galvanized coated tubular fence is harder than a brick wall, and can withstand the elements and requires very little maintenance. Whether there is a snow storm, a sand storm, flooding or fire, tube steel fences won’t crack or warp. And, they are resistant to insects and animals.

Variety of design options – Variety is the spice of life, so people say, and with the variety of design options available to property owners, tubular fencing can spice up the areas around your home. Most companies that install tube steel fences will have a reference book of some type that showcase various design options they have available.