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8 Benefits of steel fences and gates

If you’re thinking about getting a new fence, you should read this before you make the investment. Fences, whether wrought iron, wood, or chain link, can all be quite pricey when it comes to both the purchase and installation of them.

Steel is one of the world’s most adaptable materials. It can be used in buildings as supports, rail tracks for extremely heavy trains, and even architectural features. The list goes on and on. So, if you’re looking for the most effective material for keeping people off your property, steel is probably your best bet!

If you’ve been thinking about using steel for your fencing, this article can help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your project.

Here’s what you should know:

Benefits of Fencing:

1. Privacy

You probably don’t like the idea of your neighbors having unrestricted access to your garden. It’s far more enjoyable to eat dinner on the patio with privacy than to feel as if you’re being watched by everyone. Installing a 6-foot-high fence can provide you with the privacy you seek.

2. Containment

Children and pets can be kept in the garden where they will be visible. You won’t have to be concerned about other animals invading your personal space.

3. Security

Protect your family, as well as your garden furniture and tools, with a difficult-to-cross barrier.

4. Noise cancellation

Some of our clients have 8-foot fences installed to shield them from passing traffic noise. Fence panels can be so effective that they can reduce noise levels by 6 to 10 decibels. This method can also be applied to properties located near railways.

5. Aesthetics

The addition of a well-constructed and appealing fence can improve the overall appeal of a home. Picket fences can be very appealing to the eye, especially in the summer when pretty flowers grow over them.

6. It is made to last.

Let’s start with one of the most evident. Steel is a long-lasting material. If it’s strong enough to be used as structural support in a building, it’s strong enough to be used as a property fence.

Steel, unlike other popular materials such as wood, is not affected by termites, weather, or fire. In short, it is a tough material that will stand the test of time, withstanding both the elements and concerted efforts to break through its barrier. After 30 years, your fence will still look the same and be as strong as it was the day it was built.

7. It appears to be very good!

Some people associate the word steel with round steel bars resembling prison windows. While you can certainly choose this option if you so desire, steel can be moulded into an infinite number of designs with the right skilled tradesman overseeing your project. Similarly, you can have your steel fencing powdercoated in a variety of colors with our powdercoating system!

One of the most significant advantages of steel is the virtually limitless design possibilities. A fence can be tailored to any environment or requirement. Steel can be used to create any height, color, straight or curved structure. It can also be used to create lattices, tips, post caps, and bar designs.

Steel gates can add a distinctive feature to your home’s façade, allowing you to stand out from the other houses on your street.

8. Steel is simple to care for.

The advantage of a steel design is that, if properly treated during the manufacturing process, it will require little, if any, upkeep or maintenance once installed. We use Australian pre-galvanised steel tubes and posts, as well as stainless steel welds and screws, which have been treated to be rust resistant, so there is no need to worry about them needing to be repaired in a few years. However, be wary of other fencing contractors who use mild steel welds, which are more prone to rust.

When considering the benefits listed above, steel is unquestionably one of the best materials for a fence. It is long-lasting, versatile, and requires little upkeep. We’ve also examined what makes aluminum a good fencing material so that you can compare. Contact Maximum Fencing now!

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